Learned Helplessness Vs. Growth Mindset

April 1, 2019

Dr. Cheryl Chase presented at the LDA 56th Annual International ConferenceIn February of 2019, I had the pleasure of presenting at the Learning Disabilities Association of America’s 56th Annual International Conference in Fort Worth, Texas. The title of the talk was: “Addressing the Emotional Challenges Associated with Learning Disabilities; Fostering resilience and a growth mindset.”

This topic is relevant because children with learning challenges are prone to developing a belief that their success is due to external forces (e.g., luck) rather than by their own efforts, which can lead to the development of learned helplessness.

I described what learned helplessness is and then introduced the notion of a growth mindset. Finally, I offered several strategies to promote a growth mindset in others.

I have received several emails from attendees asking follow-up questions, so I thought it might be helpful to point all of you to a similar talk I gave a few years ago for the Northern Ohio Branch of the International Dyslexia Association. Hope you find it helpful! 

Click here to watch my talk on YouTube.